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Alliance Laws Empty Alliance Laws

Post  Jim Bob on Sat 24 Nov 2007 - 2:18

The Alliance Laws will be strictly adhered too by ALL MEMBERS.

1. You MAY NOT disrespect your fellow Wraith's. Have opposing points of view, but on no condition should you go out of your way to be insulting to a fellow alliance member.

2. You may not attack a fellow member or an ally unless given permission to farm.

3. You must post at least twice every week on the alliance forum. Inactivity will lead to suspension or removal from the alliance.

4. Once a final decision has been made, all members must respect that decision.

5. In war time visit the forum more often and watch for orders given out by the Councilors

6. Traitors to the alliance will be punished. If one leaves the alliance, they are free to do as they wish.

7. Cheaters and scammers will be punished severely. This alliance stands for honour and we will go out of our way to punish cheaters and scammers.

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